June 26, 2012

Add value and style with just a few small repair jobs

A little elbow grease goes a long way to improving a home’s curb appeal.

Whether you’re planning to put your house on the market — or you’re looking for a little exterior facelift — slight repairs affect your property well beyond its first impression. With a few simple, weekend projects, you can increase the value of your home and add some extra style to the street.

Good first impression

One of the first things people see on a property is the mailbox. If this focal point is broken, rusted or dated looking, it can cause visitors to look the other way before setting eyes on the rest of the house. But it’s in an easy fix. All you’ll need is a single can of quality spray paint. For example, with the new Dual Paint and Primer in One (by Krylon) you get a one-step solution that will easily transform any eyesore. Krylon says the unique formula primes the surface for adhesion, durability and coverage, while delivering a high-quality finish — in one can, one step. Dual is now available in specialty finishes, such as hammered and metallics, that are perfect to add an extra dose of style, helping your mailbox to look great again in no time.

Now that you’ve caught the attention of your guests with your improved mailbox, next concentrate on the front door. Adding a decorative door knocker is a great way to add charm and style to this focal point of the house.

Neat and tidy yard

No matter what the size of your front yard, a well manicured lawn is important to boosting your home’s curb appeal. Simple one-weekend tasks like weeding, edging sidewalks and removing unsightly plants growing between concrete or bricks can make a huge difference without a lot of effort. Be sure to also use weed killer to keep sidewalks and driveways looking polished for the rest of the season. After the initial grooming, add new mulch, plants and flowers for an extra pop of colour and style. Lush bushes and bright plants against a fresh flower bed can serve as an attractive welcome. And if you’re feeling extra daring, adding lights — both to your walkway and front porch — can illuminate your newly transformed yard from dusk through dawn.

Fill in the blanks

The final task to a great looking home that’s ready for listing — or lusting by your neighbours — is to repair or replace any elements that have deteriorated over time. Be sure to repoint any bricks that have lost their mortar, reseal cracks and get rid of stains on the driveway. Straighten or replace shutters, gutters and downspouts. If re-painting the house isn’t in your budget, power washing the siding can make a big difference to the exterior appearance, and increase its value.

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