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Building on your home’s value

Investing “sweat equity” is still worth the effort in Metro Vancouver


Romancing the home

The Expandables find 10 ways to reignite the passion


To renovate or not to renovate

That’s the question on many a homeowner’s mind


Selling your own house has rewards and risks

It’s tempting to avoid those steep sales commissions, but you might not get everything you bargained for


Expert advice for your home cellar

Cactus Club sommelier Sebastien Le Goff offers his top tips for wine lovers


What is your home really worth?

Methods used by the industry to evaluate house prices often fail to tell the whole story


Is there an end in sight to B.C’s booming market?

Forecasters say they expect housing prices and demand to level off in the not-too-distant future


Furniture as fantastical art

Judson Beaumont creates imaginative home furnishings that blur the line between practicality and sheer whimsy


Advertisement: Inspiration for your dream home

The Vancouver Home + Design Show is back with top designers and new features


Thumbs up for 2015

Experts see continued strength in Greater Vancouver’s real-estate market


Young Canadians choose to buy

First-time homebuyers put their money where their house is


Builders on the go

The homebuilding team of Bryan and Sarah Baeumler construct their houses in the public eye.


On balance

Today’s real estate market conditions may be difficult to evaluate, but buying a new home has now become relatively affordable.


Underground cash economy in renovations a recipe for disaster

Upcoming seminar from the Greater Vancouver Home Builders’ Association designed to help homeowners better understand the reno process


Buying a first house was never so appealing

Government incentives, such as tax credits or a $10,000 handout for first-time buyers, make it easier than ever to make the commitment