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Why a fixed rate might be right for first-time buyers

A home is one of the biggest and most important investments you’ll ever make. If you have the resources to buy now and take advantage of the current low mortgage rates, you are off to a great start. Opting for the security of a fixed rate can certainly put your mind at ease.

mortagage rates, the market and you

Interest rates are still low and sales are up, so make sure you’re prepared to act quickly if you find the right property

Preparing for a new mortgage

Pulling together the right documents can help your mortgage approval go quickly and smoothly

Young Canadians choose to buy

First-time homebuyers put their money where their house is

‘Rates should remain low’

Historically low rates boost confidence in the market and offer an invitation to first-time buyers

The benefits of downsizing

It makes sense for many homeowners to shed the family home with all its space and upkeep

Choose the right expert

Sound advice and solutions from a specialist are an essential part of buying a home

Bank of mom and pop

More and more young homebuyers are entering the market with financial help from their parents

Refinancing solutions

Using the equity in your home can be a practical and lower-cost way to borrow money

Fourth-quarter uptick

RBC notes an improvement in the city’s home affordability

Timing your move

Finding the right time to stop renting and start owning

The money goes up front

Be financially prepared when purchasing your first home


Good preparation is key to handling the challenges involved in moving into your next home.

Choose The Right Expert

Sound advice and solutions from a specialist are an essential part of buying a home.

When more means less

The more you put into your down payment, the more you’ll save in interest and the less your house will cost in the end.