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West Will Be Best

Ozzie Jurock looks at the many factors that point to a power shift moving from east to west.


Unless You Really Know What You’re Doing, Hire A Pro

Qualified property managers will take over the responsibility of handling repairs and dealing with tenants


Research Generates Best Deal, In Any Kind Of Market

There is a fine Chinese saying: The best time to invest in real estate was five years ago.


Nine Ways To A Fast Sale

A good marketing effort will help ensure your home attracts buyers even in a slow economyOh my. Oh my. The market is turning. The market is crashing, the depression is coming, terrible things will befall us. That is the content of some email I am receiving.


Beauty Of Pre-Sales – Speculation Or Investment?

Many made a lot of money by ‘flipping’ pre-sale contracts in the past, but the rules and risks are much different now


Where the Price is Right

While all eyes are on the Lower Mainland, reasonable prices and excellent investment opportunities are to be found in the small towns outside the major markets – and now is the time to be assessing the opportunities, says Ozzie Jurock.


Recreationally Yours

There are some excellent buys in recreational property around B.C., but think quality first – and always do your due diligence.


The Lure of Living in B.C.

Real estate adviser Ozzie Jurock describes his passion for this province – and the reasons why he will always buy B.C. real estate.


Real Estate Advice

Questions, questions . . .