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Smart renovations

Take the time to research and hire a professional

Childhood education reaches for the sky

Vancouver opens first ever four-storey elementary school in B.C.

Mortgage Matters: A family affair

What parents need to know before helping their children with a home purchase

The downsizing dilemma

How to lose the clutter without giving up your memories

Sweetening the density deal

How to make re-zoning more appealing for single-family neighborhoods

Deal debt a death blow 

The best way to save for a down payment is to get rid of debt first. Here’s how

Urban development: Zoning in on rezoning

The only way Vancouver can solve its affordable housing crisis is by redefining housing

Get rid of your mortgage faster

It pays to shop for flexible mortgage options

Real estate: Q&A with Michael Geller

Architect and planner Michael Geller envisions a plan for the city’s future

Jamie Banfield powers up

Vancouver designer Jamie Banfield will be stylishly plugging us into the latest energy-saving tricks—and the modern, stylish West Coast vibe—at the BC Hydro Smart Home.

Bringing it home

The BC Home + Garden Show is a showcase of colourful ideas to implement in your own abode, no matter how big or small, grand or humble

Colour your world

Designer Tiffany Pratt finds inspiration in all the colours of the rainbow and then some

Small space. Big style.

How HONOMOBO turns shipping containers into sleek, chic homes

Moving on up, and up

Urban Development Institute forecasts Vancouver real estate prices will continue to rise in 2017

A city block full of inspiration

Row housing could address problems in Vancouver’s housing market