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In the News: The Polygon Gallery opens in North Van

The Polygon Gallery opens in North Van

Childhood education reaches for the sky

Vancouver opens first ever four-storey elementary school in B.C.

Real estate: Q&A with Michael Geller

Architect and planner Michael Geller envisions a plan for the city’s future

Developers are learning to cater to downsizers

Trading a big house for a condo or townhouse appeals to many people, but it has to be the right fit

Clear skies ahead for Metro Vancouver’s housing market

Sales have been brisk for condos and houses in the first half of 2015, and there is no slowdown in sight

Market becomes calm but brisk

Downsizers are playing a key role in B.C.’s still-strong real estate outlook

Commitment to excellence

Builders, renovators and developers compete for national SAM Awards recognizing outstanding work in the industry

Resourceful, resilient – and robust

The Vancouver market benefits from continued immigration and low interest rates.

Chatter for the cocktail circuit

B.C.’s Real Estate Boards offer intriguing facts that are sure to be good conversation-starters.

Strong and Steady

Confidence has returned to the Metro Vancouver real estate market and moderate price increases are expected over the next year.

Prefabricated homes make comeback

VICTORIA — An interest in green and efficient building techniques is leading to a comeback of prefabricated homes —

Ovations for building excellence

The Greater Vancouver Home Builders’ Association gave out more than 40 awards this spring to winning Metro Vancouver builders, renovators and designers.

Back to the PST

While the complete picture is not yet clear, the return to PST should be good news for homebuyers, home sellers and those renovating their homes.

Tight Housing Market Likely in 2013

Small changes in the supply of housing can make for a big difference in price, especially in certain areas of Metro Vancouver

First-time homebuyers face continuing affordability problems

Ottawa’s action to reduce mortgage amortization periods to 25 from 30 years particularly affects younger people looking for their first home