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UDI: Townhomes might be one solution to our affordability crisis

In Metro Vancouver, they are an attractive option for buyers priced out of single-family properties


Making room for families

The market is hot for small, affordable homes, but Lower Mainland municipalities need to plan ahead to accommodate growing households


Putting a new home within reach

Four ways developers can enhance housing affordability for home buyers


heritage revitalization

Restoring our historic buildings turns them into a community asset


Readers’ Choice Award Contest

We’re inviting readers to have their say on Development Design in Metro Vancouver


Protecting an investment – The Depreciation Report

This report gives stratas the ability to plan ahead for maintenance and replacement costs


Walkability appeal

Compact, convenient neighbourhoods close to amenities and transportation are creating jobs and attracting new homeowners


Creative condos

Imaginative new developments are improving housing affordability and livability for Metro Vancouverites


2013 In review

From density to transit, a look back and look ahead


Managing growth

It pays to become engaged in a city’s planning process.


Outlook: bright

A strong economy offers Metro Vancouver homebuyers a reason for optimism.


Transit and Highrises – A NATURAL TWOSOME

Urban Development Institute believes that high-density development around transit is key to the city’s evolution.


Giving to the community

The Hotel Georgia redevelopment and UniverCity Childcare Centre demonstrate ways in which developers contribute to our cities and our neighbourhoods.


What developers do

Often misunderstood by the very community to which they contribute, developers build parks, daycares and social housing, upgrade roads, finance art and libraries – and much, much more.


Reading The Signs

three industry professionals gaze into their crystal balls to consider what’s ahead this year for real estate in the Lower Mainland