February 9, 2018

BC Home + Garden Show: HGTV’s Danielle Bryk finds design solutions everywhere

Small screen inspiration

By Claudia Kwan

Interior designer, licensed contractor and HGTV host Danielle Bryk believes the power of television design can be harnessed to do a great deal of good in any renovation.
“With TV, you’re working toward a ‘reveal,’ which often involves coming up with a change with a lot of impact,” says the host of Home to Win. “It’s achievable if you factor this idea in from the beginning, even if you’re short on time and budget.”
She applied this idea with a client during a main floor renovation, after discovering a brick archway with a big wooden beam in the home. Bryk chose to line a table and pendant light up with the archway, creating some pleasing symmetry and drawing the eye to the architectural feature as a focal point. Since the archway was already in the room, there was no additional cost involved in featuring it so prominently.
She says symmetry can also be achieved by framing a fireplace between two bookcases. If the budget for art doesn’t allow for one large-scale piece on a wall, Bryk suggests placing it off to one side according to the rule of thirds. The negative space will read as a conscious design choice.
Having now helmed dozens of major renovations, she wryly acknowledges that scope creep—or “might as well” syndrome—is always a factor. The important thing is to recognize it early enough to modify the project or budget, and to avoid regret at either including something, or leaving something out.
Bryk looks forward to fielding questions about her experiences as a female contractor in an industry that remains male-dominated; she says she already sees more and more women working in the trades.
“Traits that are typically considered ‘female,’ like communication skills and the ability to multitask, are so valuable,” she says. “There are tons of opportunities out there.”

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