May 11, 2012

Create A Room With A View

Take the inside out and make the perfect spot to entertain or just relax

Imagine your own little garden getaway. You may want a spot for entertaining friends, or for a cosy retreat to curl up with a book. A good trick is to think about the elements of your favourite room and then find ways to recreate them outside.

  • The perfect spot. Decide where your little outdoor getaway will be located. It could be the patio, the front porch, a balcony or a cosy corner of the yard. You’ll probably be spending more time there than anyone else, so make sure the area is as sunny or shady as you like it.
  • Define your space. You’ll need to put up “walls” to make it feel just like a room. Use part of your fence, big potted plants, a trellis, or simply arrange furniture to create privacy and separation. Also, lay down patio tiles or an outdoor rug to define your “floor” and further separate your room from the yard.
  • The lived-in look. When it comes to furnishings, consider old patio furniture or weather-resistant indoor furniture. If pieces are mismatched, all the better — the point is to go for an eclectic, casual look. Benches and rocking chairs are a great touch and very affordable. Add outdoor cushions in vivid colours and prints to all the seats.
  • Set the tables. Old tables can be easily adjusted to better suit your outdoor area. Table legs can be cut down and lowered to a more comfortable height for playing games or enjoying refreshments. Plastic tables can be draped with a pretty floral tablecloth and wooden tables can be unevenly sanded to create that great distressed look.
  • Lighten Up. Proper lighting is essential for entertaining on summer evenings and for creating the perfect ambience in your garden getaway. Light from candles, lamps or illuminated planters make a big difference with a splash of colour. Very popular this year, for example, are the affordable President’s Choice Solar Illuminated Multicoloured Planters.

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