June 5, 2012

Proper Insulation the Invisible Value

Air leakage can lead to a number of problems that could take away from the value of your home

As you tear apart the wallpaper, replace the cupboards and strip the floorboards, experts caution not to reach for that bucket of paint before investigating the innards of your walls. Insulation and infrastructure are significant to the foundation and value of your property, so bringing in a home inspector or appraiser allows you to make corrections early, before you’ve finalized the renovation plans.

Common problems centre on air leakage and poor insulation issues, experts tell us. The latest research for example, indicates that traditional fibreglass and cellulose insulation are less reliable than contemporary spray foam insulation. Foams, like those from Icynene, are known to decrease the presence of common airborne irritants, reduce air and water penetration and reduce energy costs. When you sell your home, spray foam insulation stands to give a better return on investment than dated insulation.

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