August 20, 2013

Gucci on display

The celebrated fashion label hangs in the display-suite closet of One Pacific, adding an eye-catching cachet to this anticipated Yaletown tower.


When interior designers style show suites for real estate projects, it’s not unusual to add custom shelving, stylish clothes and attractive accessories to the closets. At Concord Pacific projects, Olivia Lam, principal of Vancouver’s Liv Interiors, turns closets into showcases inspired by those in chic retail shops. For the One Pacific project at 88 Pacific Boulevard, where sales launch in September, she has gone even further, creating a floor-to-ceiling revolving display case with four sections, each containing items appealing to a different type of buyer, currently a woman, a man, a sports enthusiast or a wine collector. Many of the items are from Gucci.

“Concord challenged us to put a marquee item in the display suite,” explains Lam. “This is their first project since Cosmo in the Concord Pacific Place neighbourhood. They wanted an outside-the-box idea to make a splash, whether it be furniture, art or an element of scale that would be talked about.

The closet ended up being this piece. Not only does it act functionally but was embraced by Gucci and all that brings. It’s a dynamic and living space.” The custom cabinetry sits on a turntable designed for displaying concept cars, and the articles of clothing and accessories will change regularly: “Gucci gets to show its customers what their clothes look like in a home experience, and we constantly have a fresh look to show customers and repeat buyers,” says Lam.

Lam also chose Gucci to reflect One Pacific’s location between the Yaletown and Marinaside neighbourhoods, along with a décor that mixes sophisticated metallic finishes with nautical motifs. “Yaletown naturally lends itself to edgy New York, and the Marinaside neighbourhood is very international and Mediterranean,” says Lam. “You can hear 10 different languages within minutes while sipping a coffee on a bench across the marina. Gucci style was the first thing that came to mind: the flair of the Mediterranean and a youthful, creative edge that’s New York. And it’s sensible, like Vancouver (well, sensible as far as elite style houses go).” Furnishings and accessories are urban meeting nautical – metallic and rope – and sophistication meeting sensible – the coffee beans in the scotch decanters.

Lam envisioned the owners of the display suite as comfortable and capable in almost any place or situation. Fittingly, the multifaceted closet occupies the flex space off the kitchen of the 515-square-foot one-bedroom suite. “Vancouver is diverse, and so are the tastes and needs of the buyers that purchase with Concord,” says Lam. “Rather than showing one person’s taste, we were able to augment the feel of the room by showing various ways to use a flex space/closet.” Apart from the closet, Lam’s favourite detail is a marble deck and walkway surrounded by water bordering the exterior of the suite. “Not often do you get an opportunity to put a water feature in a suite whose shelf life is likely less than a year,” she says. It represents the project’s Riviera Deck, a cantilevered outdoor pool with waterside lounge seating, a fire pit and hot tub.

Marble is a signature feature of Concord Pacific homes, used for the kitchen backsplash, bathroom floor and walls and the laundry-room floor. Other standard items are illuminated display shelving in the kitchen, the medicine cabinet with built-in lighting inside and out, and fitted shelving in the vanity and any closet at least 48 inches wide. The wide plank hardwood in the living area and the wood veneer kitchen cabinetry come in a light or dark tone and can be mixed and matched. The suite would sell for around $310,000, one of 150 One Pacific homes under $350,000, excluding parking.


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