April 7, 2016

heart of your home

heart-of-yourhomeThe Right Appliances Can Make You a Star in the Kitchen. Really

BY G.M. Johnson

The kitchen is the heart of the home, a social gathering place and a space where family and friends come together to sustain themselves, in every sense of the word.  It’s the hub where children are fed and nurtured and families hasten to prepare their evening meal.

It’s not surprising, then, that homeowners need a design style that perfectly fits their unique tastes while also offering a functionality that meets their demanding lifestyles.

“We’re no longer seeing cookie-cutter kitchens,” says Designer Relations Consultant Tracy Dyck. “Kitchen design takes into consideration the home owners’ natural tendencies and is tailored to their needs. Whether you are drawn to a minimalistic style or something more traditional, kitchens are now seamless and harmonious.”

With features such as flush-mount installs and fully integrated appliances, the look of today’s stylish kitchen blends seamlessly with surrounding cabinetry, says Dyck.

And it’s Jenn-Air appliances that combine exceptional innovation in technology and function with the broad range of designs and styles demanded today, she says.

Jenn-Air produces one of the industry’s most powerful convection ovens, for example. It uses varying fan speeds to bake an exceptionally flaky piecrust, and it can auto-adjust temperatures to first sear, then roast meats and poultry to perfection. It can cook multiple dishes at once without transferring flavours. Vegetable dishes, fish and pies can all be made at the same time; It’s almost as though the sous chef is right there beside you.

Kitchen design takes into consideration the home owners’ natural tendencies and is tailored to their needs.

Cutting-edge technology creates the difference between satisfactory and extraordinary results. The Culinary Centre on a Jenn-Air helps customize cooking by food type or desired doneness.  It recommends the appropriate cookware. Its photo guide shows you how to cook foods you’ve never cooked before. And if you want to bake perfect pastries it guides you, then stores the information so you can easily do it again.

Jenn-Air even offers a WiFi Connectivity mobile app so that you can preheat your oven while at work, check the cooking status while at a child’s soccer game, and turn the oven on or off from anywhere, at any time.

“These appliances are state-of-the-art,” says Dyck. “Whether a novice or accomplished chef, you’re going to love cooking because you can achieve professional results in a residential kitchen — guaranteeing perfect results every time.”

Jenn-Air’s Steam and Convection Wall Oven is three ovens in one, offering convection, steam, or a combination of both for outstanding results. With these options you can take bread from the cupboard and, using the steam option, make it smell and taste freshly baked, says Dyck.

“It is a wonderful experience when thoughtful design marries perfectly with your desire to create memorable meals and special family moments — and will grow with you and your family for years to come.”

Trail Appliances partners with Jenn-Air at its eight locations in B.C. where expert sales consultants help clients find perfect solutions, customized to their unique needs.  For information, visit trailappliances.com.

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