January 27, 2012

Hot Hues for 2012

CIL Paints has identified what it says will be the hottest colour of 2012: red. More specifically, says CIL’s marketing communications manager Alison Goldman, that “blushy, lively, juicy red” is a hue called Tea Dance.

“Red is held in high regard around the world,” Goldman says in a prepared release, noting that in China red, it signifies good fortune, in India marital bliss and in many Western cultures, passion, power and festivity. “Because it can mean so many things to so many people, red is a colour that reminds us to open our minds to new ideas waiting to be discovered.”• Cinnabar, a member of the orange family described as “earthy, industrial and hypnotic”;

• Golden Ember, a yellow hue;

• Calypso Green, part of a 2012 palette that CIL says is reminiscent of “leaves, grasses and, in some instances, even man-made flora”;

• Lakemont Blue, which the paint company says pairs well with rusty browns, pale greys and industrial yellows;

• Purple Haze, part of a violet collection that CIL says is suitable for accent walls;

• Silver Quill and Sandringham. both members of the family of neutral hues.

“The 2012 colour palette is all about possibilities,” Goldman says. “The more people get comfortable in their own skin, the more confidence they have to experiment with colour, and the diverse and flexible palette of the coming year is the perfect place to start.”

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