February 10, 2017

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CF Interiors updates its once-rustic traditions with sophisticated modern styling.

In the News
By Claudia Kwan

Mobilier de Gaspé  website puts custom design within reach 


Montreal-based Mobilier de Gaspé believes furniture should reflect individuality; its website now allows clients to design their own custom furniture. A variety of materials and eco-friendly finishes are available for tables, shelving, sideboards and chests of drawers. Wood and steel are sourced within Canada, with items assembled in a Montreal workshop. Given that the company was founded by four economists, it’s no surprise that thought has also been put into pricing. Between “just in time” production principles and the capacity to order directly from the manufacturer, Mobilier believes shoppers are getting the best bang for their buck.

Kengo-Kuma-and-Michael-Sypkens_KKAAMUJI to open Vancouver location in 2017


Fans of clothing and accessories retailer MUJI are waiting to see where and when exactly the popular Japanese chain will set up permanent shop in Vancouver; the company will only confirm there are plans afoot for sometime in 2017. In the meantime, aficionados will have to get their fix of stylish household items from a pop-up shop at the Fairmont Pacific Rim. As part of the Japan Unlayered exhibit—running until Feb. 28—acclaimed architect and exhibit curator Kengo Kuma has designed a MUJI pavilion, showcasing the “no name quality goods” for which MUJI is known.

CF Interiors rebrand mixes modern esthetic with a rustic edge


After more than three successful decades operating under its old moniker of Country Furniture, one might question whether the company needed to update its name to CF Interiors. But it has absolutely been the right decision, says Allison Andrew, CF’s managing partner, head buyer and director of design and contract sales.

“The business started out in 1979 selling braided rugs, pine furniture with heart cutouts, and tin roosters,” she says. “Six or seven years ago, we began moving to a more modern esthetic, but many people, particularly interior designers, didn’t seem to be aware of how much we’ve changed.”

Andrew says the rebrand has been a good opportunity to think about how to better serve customers. For instance, a revamped website allows individual buyers to do far more detailed product research from the comfort of their own homes before heading into stores to complete their purchases.

CF now also has a program specifically set up for the home and design industry, granting access to exclusive brands, deep discounts and a designer ordering portal. CF takes care of the logistics and sourcing of items, making shopping a turnkey service.

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