April 7, 2017

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Etsy Studio is for those who want to make crafts as well as buy them.

Etsy Studio is for those who want to make crafts as well as buy them.

Crafty: Etsy launches global marketplace aimed at DIY-ers

By Claudia Kwan

Creative types have long found inspiration and unique items for purchase at Etsy; now the crafty e-commerce site has launched a parallel venture selling craft supplies for dedicated DIYers.
Etsy Studio, as it’s known, is well-positioned to corner a piece of the sizeable craft supplies industry, but it’s a lot more than that, says Etsy Canada managing director Erin Green.
“It’s taking that marriage of content and commerce and housing it under one roof for people,” Green explains. “It’s a seamless experience between being inspired and being able to act instantly on moving toward making it.”
Buyers can access eight million different items from more than 200 countries, as well as tutorials, blogs and potentially local meet-up events. Meanwhile, sellers can take advantage of features like enhanced SKU management. Something as seemingly simple as a bead can require dozens of different SKUs to differentiate between multiple colours, weights and sizes of the central hole.
“We’ve been in the craft space for a long time,” says Green. “That really gives us a strong sense of our community and how we can serve them best.”

Andina Brewing brings South American flavours to Vancouver craft beer

Craft beer aficionados are finding yet another reason to head to East Vancouver—this time, by way of South America. Andina Brewing is brewing up beers drawing on both North American flavours and those popular south of the equator, such as passionfruit and guava.
The Colombian-born Amaya family who owns the brewery has drafted Andrew Powers, formerly of Red Truck Beer, as head brewer. Non-beer drinkers will be happy to hear cocktails and South American wine will also be on offer at the tasting room, as well as non-alcoholic flavoured sugar cane water and traditional dishes such as ceviche, pachos and arepas—and children are welcome.
The brewery, located at 1507 Powell St., also offers guided tours featuring some of its sustainability initiatives.
Devour! festival celebrates film, food and wine in the South Okanagan
When the Devour! film festival headed to B.C. for the first time last year, events were centred on Osoyoos’ Watermark Beach Resort. This time, restaurants and wineries throughout the South Okanagan are hosting wine tastings, cooking demonstrations, a gala dinner and more, with the culinary offerings inspired by notable films. It’s set to be a feast for the eyes and the stomach, with attendees getting to see the best of this part of B.C.

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