October 1, 2012

Innovative design – Italian style

“Where did you get that?”

That’s a question Calligaris fans are used to hearing.

Admired worldwide for its innovation, blending functionality with design, Calligaris is one of the foremost names in contemporary furniture. For nearly a century, the family-run Italian company’s precision-crafted pieces and delightful home designs have been turning heads – not only for their beauty but also for their versatility and practicality.

At the Calligaris Store on Homer Street, various models have been carefully selected to meet the needs and tastes of Vancouver homes. These tables, chairs and shelving units are designed to take advantage of spaces of all sizes, from the shoebox-sized Yaletown condo to a sprawling West Vancouver house.

Calligaris is perhaps best known for its innovation in extendable tables. Intelligently and solidly designed with the highest quality materials, these remarkably engineered tables can be easily and simply expanded by one person to accommodate large parties and unexpected guests.

One of the newer designs is the Orbital Table. Produced in conjunction with Italian car design firm Pininfarina (of Ferrari and Maserati fame), this sleek, elegant table can be extended to seat up to 10 people. A simple push of a lever sends the extension leaves swinging out in one fluid motion from under the tabletop and rising to self-adjust to the proper height. Seeing this flawlessly executed piece at work is a show in itself.

And Calligaris is constantly innovating and experimenting with new techniques and processes to come up with finishes that enhance both esthetics and product performance. The acid-etched glass finish, for example, has an ultra-modern look that also helps to conceal scratches and fingerprints. Calligaris’s ceramic stone tabletop is another unique combination of esthetics with performance, with a surface that is impervious to virtually any household chemicals.

Building on its strength in innovative designs, Calligaris offers a full range of shelving and storage units that offer solutions for the space-challenged homeowner. Coffee tables that can be converted into dining tables and chairs that are stackable up to eight high take advantage of every square inch of limited living space. Beauty and functionality go hand-in-hand in pieces like the Spacebox, a wall-attached shelving unit which folds out into a breakfast bar, and the Inbox series of shelves and storage units.

Calligaris puts the same care and elegant design sense into its sofas, beds and accessories as it does for its dining room furniture. The Homer Street location offers a breath-taking display of lighting, vases and other accents, any one of which is capable of transforming your home.

The Calligaris Store prides itself not only on phenomenal furniture and home accents but also great service. If it’s not in stock, it can be ordered, customized to your specifications. Their efficient, friendly and knowledgeable staff can help with all of your design needs and questions. www.calligarisstore.ca


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