February 10, 2017

Jamie Banfield powers up


Vancouver designer Jamie Banfield will be stylishly plugging us into the latest energy-saving tricks—and the modern, stylish West Coast vibe—at the BC Hydro Smart Home.

Expect a full-sized garage, comprising the Toyota’s new sleek Prius Prime hybrid electric car, and showcasing the ease of plugging it into an electric station at home as well as energy-efficient power tools for the lawn and other gadgets.

His fifth time revving up smart design for the home at the show, Banfield has carved himself a design niche. According to show manager Tyson Kidd, not only is the designer conscious of energy appliances, but “he has that type of unique mind that, while others walk in and see a square room, he can really see a space and know how to transform it into an incredible piece of art.”

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