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Make your party sparkle

The right blend of seasonal decor and relaxed entertaining will put you and your guests in a festive mood


Gifts that won’t end up in the gadget graveyard

Forget the potato slicer and the S’mores maker — give your favourite cooks something they will use every day


Prosecco sales are bubbling over

The fresh appeal of the Italian sparkling wine has hit the spot with B.C. buyers


Feeling the fervor for fermenting

The ancient method of preserving food is catching on with health-conscious chefs and consumers


Cider deserves a place in your cellar

New premium ciders are as complex as wine and pair well with a wide range of foods


Plan ahead for a week’s worth of meals

One dinner can be turned into two or three, saving time and money


Winemakers are aging gracefully in the Okanagan

The word retirement isn’t in the vocabulary of many vineyard owners


Power and precision

A blender that pulverizes, a slow cooker with its own app


Fish with a conscience

With the Ocean Wise Cookbook 2, I learned even more about sustainable seafood and how to cook with it


The Similkameen: a wine valley worth discovering

Jean-Martin Bouchard, the superb winemaker at Road 13 Vineyards in the Okanagan, has a secret weapon: grapes from a vineyard in the Similkameen Valley called Blind Creek.


Fab or Fad?

Tacos, drinking vinegars and gluten-free cuisine 
— find out which trends our new food columnist loves and loathes


Marsala, the ultimate cooking wine

It adds a rich, nutty flavour to many dishes, so let’s hope rumours of its imminent demise are exaggerated


Quail’s gate at 25

This family-operated vineyard started cautiously as a farm-gate winery and today stands out among more than 270 wineries in B.C.


To dine for: How sweet it is

Each issue we ask high-octane foodies to share a favourite recipe and dish on the same seven revealing questions.


Wines for the season

Whether it’s a glass by the fireside or a party sparkler, there are wines to suit the occasion