May 28, 2012

Make Your Home Look Roomier

Eliminate bulky ductwork, clear the clutter and let the light flow in

After months of being cooped up, a lot of homeowners are beginning to feel their indoor living space is too small. Moving to a larger home is one answer, but for most Canadians, a change of that kind is simply not an option. There are, however, a number of solutions to make a room, or an entire home, look and feel more spacious, experts say.

“When renovating or building a home, or putting on an addition, a great way to create more physical space is to install radiant heat instead of a traditional forced air heating system,” says John Goshulak, heating ambassador for Beautiful Heat. “Radiant heating uses a ductless design without the need for fans, blowers or vents in the floors. As a result, room layouts aren’t limited by vents or registers, and in the basement, bulky ductwork can be completely eliminated.”

For homeowners who are feeling cramped and confined, the following design tricks can help make a living space feel more spacious:

  • Use light colour paint on the walls to make the room feel airy.
  • Move large-sized furniture against the walls and select pieces that can have several functions, such as a trunk that can serve as storage and a coffee table.
  • Let the light flow in. Use sheer window coverings or better yet, pull them back completely to make the maximum use of natural light. If natural light isn’t available use a lamp as a focus point.
  • Learn how to eliminate bulky ductwork, vents and registers with radiant heating at
  • Tidy up and move unwanted clutter out to keep the floor space clear.


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