December 14, 2012

Plugged in

Bosa Properties leads the charge by offering personal electric vehicle charging stations


If Daryl Simpson is right, electric vehicle charging stations are the new granite countertops. The Bosa Properties development company is among the first in North America to offer clients their own personal electric vehicle charging station in their parking spot. “We want to give condo owners the same flexibility as single family house owners,” Simpson says of the impetus behind the installation of charging stations in Bosa Properties’ developments, dubbed BosaVOLT.

The $4,900 option is currently available at five company developments – four in Metro Vancouver and one in Victoria – and Simpson reports 16 stalls with EV chargers have already been sold. Those properties include Evergreen, Lido, Promontory, Viceroy and Sovereign. “Our hope is people ask other developers to do this,” adds Simpson, Bosa’s director of sales and marketing, noting that it has only been recently that such charging stations were allowed in new condo developments.

For $5,000 – which is simply tacked onto the unit’s price – an owner gets a two-stage charging station capable of recharging an EV car from empty to full in four hours or so. Current EV cars available in Canada include the Nissan Leaf, Ford Focus EV and Mitsubishi i-MiEV, with more coming soon. These charging stations are much more than just a three-pronged plug as you’d use for your lawn mower – they are industrial grade units connected to transformers by large-gauge copper wire.

Simpson acknowledges the dozen charging stations earmarked for each development surpasses the need today, “but who knows about tomorrow?” To that end, every new project Bosa Properties brings online in the future will feature EV charging stations, offering clients a motoring option that once seemed the stuff of science fiction movies.

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