July 4, 2012

Rona’s Group of Seven challenge captures Canadian colours

B.C.’s Teresa Ryback is one of seven designers commissioned by Rona to identify paint colours.

Interior designer Teresa Ryback has come up with a way to distil the essence of a West Coast season and put it into three paint cans. Spring and summer are condensed in a can each of Fog, Looks Yummy and French Grey. Ryback is one of seven designers across Canada commissioned by Rona to identify seasonal colour palettes reflective of their region. The seven, from Victoria to Halifax, were asked to choose from the company’s 1,300-plus paint shades to express the essence of where they live. Ryback was chosen to represent the West Coast.

With tongue in cheek, Rona calls the designers its own Group of Seven, a reference to the well-known Canadian painters famous for their landscapes. “My task was to capture the nature of the land,” says Ryback, founder and principal designer of TD Swansburg Interior Design. “The colours are inspired by washed white riverbeds, serene lakes, dramatic coastal beaches, stunning sunsets and the enchanting cherry blossoms that line our city streets and boulevards announcing the arrival of spring.”

The only limitation placed on her selection was that the colours had to be usable and practical. “We worked with seven talented designers across Canada,” says Rona spokeswoman Michelle Laberge. “They came up with great colours for each region. But it was important to keep in mind any colour they chose had to ‘live’ inside a house.” Ryback describes her choice of colours: “My selections are presented through the eyes of an artist — colours that we see every season, but may [when we’re in a rush] overlook: the soft light that is cast on our walking trails and beaches, the colour gradient of a summer day, the glow of the glass towers that commandingly overlook the landscape of Vancouver.”

Laberge says this is the first time Rona has worked with local designers and the reaction has been positive from every region. “The experience has been a real eye-opener,” Ryback says. “The colours chosen by my colleagues across the country have been diverse — some of them very different — [colours you would never find] in British Columbia.” Rona’s Group of Seven campaign launch coincides with the introduction of a new line of latex paints by the company. It has a primer already included in the formula.

This new two-in-one product can be applied to surfaces without the need of a coat of primer before the coloured paint.

Victoria Times Colonist

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