October 11, 2011

The Perfect House

Ramsin Khachi set out to design the ultimate home – simple, functional and full of features that make life easier. Here he describes the process he took to renovate a house he plans to sell.

Ramsin Khachi


I set out to create a perfect house. The first time I saw 79 Raymar Place, I knew I had found the home where I could achieve that. With immediate and utter clarity, I knew what I was going to do with it.

This would be the ultimate home for a professional couple, maybe with a couple of kids. Or for empty nesters. It would be for people who are not old; for those who are not willing to get old, regardless of age. For people who feel life is too short – or too busy – to spend time raking lawns, fixing things that should work, and dealing with all the day-to-day nuisances that could be eradicated with a little extra thought.

I love the layout of this home. It’s a split level, with so many great spaces. The spaces were once separate and segregated, but I’ve created continuity, blending all the spaces. Now it’s a home where you can entertain the masses openly, or enjoy quiet solitude. It has become a house where people can really live and entertain and not worry about a delicate, pristine environment. Despite its beauty, it’s a sensible house in which people can function.

This is not a huge house. I don’t believe in massive spaces, I believe in well-designed spaces. This house is so well designed it feels like a 6,000-square-foot home.

I wanted to create simplicity. I thought constantly about how people function, so it’s full of features that just make life easier. Nuheat in-floor heating is installed throughout the home, including the mudroom with built-in dog wash. Controlled by a seven-day programmable thermostat, exclusively built for Nuheat by Honeywell, the floor heat will accommodate any daily routine. Motion sensors trigger circulation of the hot water as soon as you enter a bathroom, so your shower is instantly hot. Biometric locks open with the touch of your fingertip so there’s no fumbling for keys. In the kitchen, the garbage pull-out opens with a hands-free, knee-kick mechanism. Upstairs, nightlights come on automatically as night falls. There are many of these features, incorporated throughout the entire home.

This house is all about enjoying your family and enjoying your life. The state-of-the-art theatre is cosy and inviting, not cold and commercial. Every member of the family has been considered in the design. Everything a man, woman or child could want in a home has been carefully thought out and incorporated.

I wanted people to be able to enjoy all the fruits of their labour here. If his fruit of choice is a Harley Davidson, there’s a beautifully finished garage where he can appreciate it every day. The wine cellar is second to none. The backyard is purely for enjoyment, with a reflecting pool and built-in barbecue and bar. Nuheat snow-melting cables are hidden under the barbecue and walkway for outdoor grilling throughout the year.

This is a practical house of today, addressing energy efficiency and providing leading-edge technology. There’s a roughed-in charging station for an electric car. Every TV runs off the home server. From home or when away, use your iPad to control your multi-media and the security system.

Ramsin Khachi, of the Khachi Design Group in Oakville, Ont., is a design expert on CityTV’s CityLine. For more details of his company and the Khachi renovation, log on to www.khachi.com.

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